CACH is asset management DAO platform for long term investing in DeFi projects.

Now investments in DeFi have become affordable and understandable for everyone
$100 millions
all CACH investments are insured, in the custodian of BitGo
average annual % growth of the DeFi index over the past 3 years
users invest for the first time with CACH
Invest like a pro. With our service, you no longer need to rack your brains and think about where to invest successfully.
We are one of the first who have made the long time investment strategy possible in the DeFi companies.
All tools in one application
Save time registering with multiple brokers. No need to download a huge number of applications and go through multi-level identification.
No hidden fees
Our portfolios are free for bets up to 500 euros. And the amount of the minimum available investment starts from 1 euro.
Simple selection of assets for investment
CACH is a reliable platform that stores tax-optimized portfolios created by real professionals.
No unfair restrictions
Deposit and withdraw your money at any time, without restrictions.
How it works?
The process is fully automated and accessible from your gadget.
Sign Up
Open an investment account in a few clicks and immediately start an effective investment with a contribution of $ 1 or more.
Fund your account
Deposit and withdraw funds in a few clicks in any convenient way (bank transfer, visa and mastercard or Crypto)
Monitor your progress
Our service allows you to invest on a professional level, getting the most out of it. In this case, special knowledge is not required.
Smart investments in one application, in one click!
XO'XO opened to everyone access to 7000+ global crypto assets and the stock market!
A successful investment that will increase your money.
XO'XO is a mobile application that allows you to invest in 5 diversified portfolios of crypto assets and stock market assets developed by Dr. Harry Markowitz, Nobel Prize winner. He is an expert in finance.

We provide an opportunity to invest from $ 1, which was a real breakthrough for the industry. As before, the entry threshold was very high.

Portfolios include stocks of global companies and crypto assets, in various proportions. We use portfolio strategies of such global players as BlackRock, Ark and Vanguard.

Smart investments
CACH allows you to invest in DeFi assets.
Reasons we chose this Asset Class
We combined the experience of experts from the financial industry and modern theory, as well as Nobel Prize winner in economics, Dr. Harry Markowitz, providing effective investment strategies.

The main point that you are going to invest in global indexes of DeFi assets which are diversified investments across sectors and generally follow a large-cap value investment goals. It helps to minimize risk of investing.

It has been proven that mixed portfolios of crypto assets and stocks provide higher rates of return.
Keeping your investments safe and secure
Your privacy and security is very important to us. Your money is available exclusively to you and is protected at the highest level.
Military level defense
For super safe data storage, a remote encrypted server with military-grade protection is used. All data is not stored on the phone. You do not need to worry anymore about losing information or being robbed.
Investment insurance
Only you have an access to your investments. Your investment is stored in a reliable custodian BitGo and is insured against fraud, criminal and even cybercrime activities for more than $ 100 million.
100% legal investment
The investment system we offer is completely transparent, safe and regulated by EU law. We have all the necessary permissions and licenses for EU regulators.
What do they say about us?
Sarah Connor
I feel like a professional investor with cach, I manage my investments myself, not trusting their banks or speculators.
Marcus Wright
I never thought that I could save up for a car or a house, now I have clear plans and a vision on how to do this with cach.
Kyle Reese
Incredibly, the whole financial world is available in my phone, 3 clicks and I manage investments, like a real professional.
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